dr rich allenAlison Crofton is a skilled and dedicated practitioner with a genuine passion for teaching and learning. Her passion has and always will be supporting students to believe in themselves and feel good about who they are. Her belief is that cultivating this high level of self worth and self compassion will lead to positive classroom outcomes and the highest possible academic outcomes while diminishing stress and anxiety that can be felt by students and teachers. Students in her classrooms learn about kindness and compassion towards self and others as the foundation for learning and life. It is Alison’s ambition to support other teachers see the benefit of and commit to integrating these values into everyday teaching with minimal effort and amazing results.

Throughout her teaching career Alison has empowered teachers to reignite their love and joy for teaching by providing tips to reduce stress, regardless of circumstances, and find peace within. She believes this is something we can all work on for our own benefit and for the benefit of the children we teach. It is Alison’s vision to see classrooms full of joy and inspiration with nourished teachers leading the way.

Alison has over 20 years of teaching experience (K-6) in a variety of roles and settings. Along with a Bachelor of Education qualification (1998), Alison also completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) in 2013