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A Seminar for All Primary School Teachers
Presented by David Hornsby

This seminar will focus on helping teachers understand that English spelling makes sense!  We will see that English spelling integrates morphology, etymology and phonology to link spelling and meaning, and that it has developed to advance comprehension rather than pronunciation.  (A list of readings and research will be provided.)

Grapheme-phoneme relationships are not simple; they are constrained by morphology and etymology.  Phonocentric approaches, evident in many published programs, ignore this reality and cling to the problematic alphabetic principle despite its flaws. There is a growing body of research debunking myths around phonics and spelling.  We will go beyond the educational concept of ‘phonics’ and explore the linguistic concept of ‘orthographic phonology’.  We will focus on how to help students become strategic spellers with an inquiry mindset. 

During the seminar, we will discuss practical and effective teaching procedures that are systematic, explicit and rigorous.  We will include procedures championed by Dr Peter Bowers, such as word matrices and word sums.  Structured word inquiry deepens students’ understandings of phonics and spelling, but also extends their vocabulary and improves their critical thinking. 

During the day, we will also discuss the place of phonemic awareness, developmental stages in spelling, assessment to inform teaching, phonics in context vs extreme phonics, a common misunderstanding about decoding, and problems inherent in the proposed Year 1 phonics test.  

Participants will be involved in workshop activities, so you are asked to bring several picture-story books relevant to the year level you teach plus a few rhyming poems.

This seminar is highly relevant for all primary classroom teachers, Principals, Literacy Leaders and Speech Pathologists and sits beautifully within an inquiry approach to teaching and learning.

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Seminar Program
Registration 8.30am – 9.00am Seminar 9.00am – 3.00pm

Seminar Date Wed 01 April 20
Fee $270.00
Location NSW - Eden Gardens
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