Welcome to our Dynamic Learning Online Seminars

Our Online Seminars have been developed to provide engaging and dynamic professional development that you can view in the comfort of your own learning environment - in your own time and at your own pace!

You will have access to your Online Seminar for a period of 14 days to watch and revisit as many times as you like!

This is just the beginning of our foray into online learning and we will be constantly adding to our library of quality virtual resources.


Online Learning for Primary and High School Teachers & Team Leaders

Presented by Dr Rich Allen | Duration 1.5hrs

In these uncertain times, our students and colleagues need extra support.  

To offer that extra support, we need to be more than just ‘nice’ people. Compassion begins with empathy.  And empathy takes work.  It takes focus and control to have a truly empathetic conversation. When we realise people have an issue (big or small), most of us inadvertently miss the opportunity to be truly supportive of their needs.  Our intentions are good, yet sometimes we fail to spot that people are asking for help – and the moment passes.  

In this insightful online seminar, Dr Allen offers a framework and strategies to help you avoid falling into these traps. You will learn how to recognise when you need to have a deeper conversation and understand how to have more emotionally intelligent, compassionate, and helpful interactions with the people you are trying to support.

Online Learning for Primary & High School Teachers

Presented by Dr Bill Rogers | Duration 7.5 hours

Our Behaviour Management resource provides an extensive 7.5 hours of professional development viewing as well as access to a wide selection of support materials. Throughout this resource Dr Bill Rogers provides strategies for developing a positive approach to behaviour leadership and discipline.

You will receive:

  1. Behaviour Management Seminar with Dr Bill Rogers
    5-hour professional seminar recording (recorded March 2020)
  2. Behaviour Management Resource Files
    Access to over 20 Chapters written by Dr Bill Rogers
  3. Cracking the Challenging Class DVD Program
    A further 2 ½ hours of professional learning accompanied by extensive supporting notes.

Online Learning for Primary and High School Teachers

An Interview with Dr Ian Lillico | Duration 1.5 hrs

During this interview Ian will discuss:

  • Understanding boys – going deeper
  • Educating boys – the debate about single-sex schooling versus co-education
  • Relationships – in what ways might teachers, leaders and parents build better relationships with boys
  • Boys learn differently – strategies to best cater for boys learning needs
  • Literacy – strategies to improve boys literacy
  • Behaviour Management – the 52 virtues
  • Feelings and communication